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Talent Search

Connect to the right talent faster with Talent Search

Speed up your hiring with access to a larger talent pool and instant candidate recommendations, with every job ad you post.

Boost your hiring with candidate recommendations ​  ​

Boost your hiring with candidate recommendations ​

Our Talent Search automatically matches candidates with the right skills and experience to your live job ads to find the best person to fit your role faster. 

Widen the reach of your job ad instantly

Enjoy up to 100 AI recommended candidate profiles with every job ad you post, helping you reach beyond existing applicants. 

Get more from your credits, use them to connect with candidates

Every job ad you post you’ll receive 1,000 Talent Search credits*. Use these credits to send a candidate your job ad, access candidate CVs, or send a message to a candidate of interest.

Send Job

25 credits

Send Message

50 credits

Access CV

200 credits

*Not applicable for Lite Ad

Premium Talent Search: Proactively source talent across an even larger talent pool ​

Benefits you can enjoy: 

  • Access a talent pool of over 1+ million searchable profiles & locate talent beyond your market

  • Simply search talent by job title, skills, company or candidate name

  • Easily identify if a candidate is open to a job opportunity with our unique Approachability Signal