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Market Insights SEEK Employment trends Guaranteed Hire – Recruitment Experts Made Affordable
Guaranteed Hire – Recruitment Experts Made Affordable

Guaranteed Hire – Recruitment Experts Made Affordable

It’s not easy to hire post-pandemic With the pandemic taking its toll on the economy, the directive from the management has always been – keep the operation lean in order to stay in black. 

You’ve to be selective of the people you hire to fill vacancies. In fact, it's a good move to look beyond qualifications and hire candidates with the right values in order for your organisation to move forward as one. 

External expertise is welcomed Picking the one with the right academic qualification or work experience is just a small part of the hiring process - reaching out to know them better takes up a significant amount of time as well. It’s already challenging for your department to look after the welfare of current staff, to source, process and reach out to candidates could strain your resources even further. 

Recruitment firms are great to entrust your hiring duties to, they’ve the expertise and the resources to fill vacancies with the right candidate. However, the typical 18-25% commission would put a significant dent in terms of operating costs – finance department is not going to be happy with the bill! 

The right expertise at the right price We’re now solving your recruitment challenges by teaming up with recruitment firms to introduce Guaranteed Hire. Hirers pay an affordable 15% starting rate for candidates with an annual salary of SGD48,000, a recruitment firm would have charged at least SGD8,640 for the same services

Hirers signing up for Guaranteed Hire will be assigned a recruitment expert from the recruitment firm, who will use multiple channels to source for candidates. They could:

  • Post a job ad on JobStreet

  • Search through JobStreet’s talent pool of 2.2 million

  • Use their firm’s own database

Once a pool has been built, the expert will start the screening process to ensure candidates with the right qualifications and qualities are chosen. The time-consuming process of salary negotiation is also taken care of. Hirers will subsequently receive 3 candidate profiles for their review, interviews will be scheduled for suitable candidates. 

The whole process will be completed within 8 weeks*, and you only have to pay when the candidate shows up at your doorstep for work. Yes, we’re as excited as you are, get in touch at [email protected]today!

*Terms and conditions apply.

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