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Market Insights Workforce insights 5 Reasons why involving your employees in decision-making is great for business development
5 Reasons why involving your employees in decision-making is great for business development

5 Reasons why involving your employees in decision-making is great for business development

It may seem counterintuitive, but involving your staff in major company decisions and business development is actually advantageous. Find out why.

A company is shaped by its people. They are not only the ones that run the daily grind; they also keep the organisation constantly and consistently thriving.

Unfortunately, even the most stable organisations have been upended by the threat of COVID-19. Numerous businesses have been shutting down, and people are losing their jobs either through retrenchment or temporary pause in work. Those still able to keep their jobs are struggling with career satisfaction due to major changes in their respective companies, like pay cuts, delayed promotions, or suspended salary increase. According to the August COVID-19 Job Report, only 41% of employees are happy in their present jobs during the pandemic, compared with 67% who were satisfied at work pre-COVID-19.

How do companies keep their employees happy especially in these uncertain times?

Adopt a sustainable practice of employee engagement. This means fostering an atmosphere that highly motivates everyone in your company, whether you are in a brick-and-mortar office or your team is working remotely.

Start by involving your staff when discussing major decisions, especially when it affects them since they are also stakeholders. Doing so not only improves business operations both in the short- and long-term; it also improves overall employee satisfaction because people feel they are valued.

Here are five more reasons why you should aim to engage your employees in business development.

You boost your employees’ morale

According to the report titled “Cracking The Code to a Happy, Multigenerational Workplace,” employees from across all generations appreciate supportive and collaborative leaders. A solid support system backed by the top leaders in the company boosts the confidence of employees when it comes to decision-making. Keeping this in mind is paramount to managing a successful organisation.

Employee engagement encourages positive contributions

Employees are empowered when they have a platform where they can freely speak their minds. Encouraging your team to be proactive gives them a sense of belonging, thereby making them feel they are not merely pencil pushers. Instead, they are, indeed, an important part of your company.

Furthermore, if their contributions create a positive impact on overall company operations, your employees will be motivated to be more proactive. An organisation with highly motivated staff is, after all, a well-oiled machine that is bound to succeed.

Well-engaged employees are productive

Employees who are involved in decision-making are, consequently, more productive. Because they understand your company’s needs and they know you value their contributions, your staff becomes more driven and committed to produce results.

Letting employees decide on certain initiatives also allows senior managers like you to focus on other matters that need to be addressed. This means more things get done efficiently.

Satisfied employees translate to high talent retention rate

Your employees are more inclined to stay in your company when they feel valued and empowered. In other words, sustained employee engagement is tantamount to loyalty.

Having a high talent retention rate also sends a good message to potential candidates: that your company takes care of its people, and that it is a great team to be part of.

There are more opportunities for learning

When employees are given a chance to make decisions that benefit the company, they will naturally thrive in an environment that fosters career growth.

See to it that your staff has continuous skills development programs. Encourage them to participate in seminars that will either hone their skills or let them acquire a new skill set. Promote collaborations and healthy competitions amongst teams as a means of symbiotic learning.

Good working relationship with your employees does not stop with an attractive salary package or competitive benefits. Letting them know your organisation values their contributions—and actually putting these to good use—benefits not just your staff but, ultimately, your company as well.

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